Thickness measuring systems using X-ray transmission can be installed In-Line, so that thickness trend changes can be monitored in real-time by the traversing X-ray head. First the absorption coefficient is calculated from the master product, and then the relative thickness is measured by detecting the deviation of X-ray transmission, due to attenuation.
Coating layers can be measured on adhesive tapes or coating layer on coated film. Applications include; Film, Metal foil, Adhesive tape, Nonwoven fabrics, Various Coated materials (coated layer thickness and total thickness), Lithium-ion Battery electrode materials.

Why we are better –
Stability is the number one consideration for thickness gauge OEM’s. Through proprietary technology, our silicon potted tubes are as much as 10 x more stable than the competitors.

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Silicon Encapsulated X-Ray Tube - Micro X-Ray

With stability-improving silicon encapsulation that also provides electrostatic isolation, these tubes are an ideal choice for thickness gauging applications.


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